Georgia Fields @ Thornbury Theatre (12/11/10)


Upon reading that the Thornbury Theatre’s art deco ballroom would be transformed into an “indoor picnic”, I could tell that Georgia Fields’ album launch was going to be a little different to most. The fact that Georgia’s backing band was actually more of a mini-orchestra kind of hinted towards that as well.

The dance floor of the theatre was covered with numerous tartan rugs and picnic blankets, which were adorned by plastic flowers and lanterns to create a more authentic picnic environment. There were even picnic snacks such as meringues, slices and biscuits! Add candle-lit tables, mood-lighting provided by the glow of lamps, and a low stage edged with fairy-lights and the intimate setting was complete.

As soon as Georgia bounced onto the stage, it was apparent that the setting suited her show perfectly; she exuded charm and greeted her audience as if we were old friends, telling us personal anecdotes in between songs. Her friendly, down-to-earth demeanour and amusing banter made her seem very approachable and the show even more enjoyable.

And what a show it was. The ‘mini-orchestra’, used to replicate the arrangements on the album, did not disappoint; while Georgia herself switched between acoustic guitar, ukulele and synth, there were eight other instrumentalists on stage (and a few of them were multi-instrumentalists). We were treated to a wonderful combination of vibraphone, violins, viola, cello, drums, bass, xylophone, piano, trumpet, trombone, melodica, clarinet, flute, accordion, a cordless drill used as percussion and what sounded like a sample pad made up of animal sounds.

Read the rest of the review here on Paper-Deer.


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