Pigeon John – Dragon Slayer

A far cry from the rapper/hip-hop artist cliché that goes on and on about drugs, homies, “bootylicious babes at da club” and rising up against the odds, Pigeon John sings and raps about topics that are much more relatable and down-to-earth; the importance of family, feeling betrayed and learning how to be comfortable in your own skin.

Pigeon John’s seventh studio album, Dragon Slayer, opens up with the fun, high-energy track The Bomb. Although he is categorised as predominantly a hip-hop artist, this western-tinged song — featuring tambourine and hand-claps — is more pop than hip-hop. The same can be said of the whole album; among the rap verses, catchy pop melodies are aplenty. While The Bomb makes for a good opening track, it doesn’t particularly stand out as a highlight of the album.

Speaking of ‘highlights’, there are very few. You can spot them easily because the rest of the songs just fade into the background upon comparison with them. One such standout track is Dude, It’s On; slower and more laidback than most other tracks on the album, with a chilled, harmonised verse and groove-inducing chorus, it manages to achieve cohesiveness while keeping the listener interested (which is where some of the other tracks fail). With its staccato bass, glitchy keyboard sounds, sparkly xylophone, and brass that lifted the conclusion of the song wonderfully, Dude, It’s On is the essential feel-good, lazy summer Sunday anthem.

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