Keith! Party @ Workers Club (25/1/11)

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was definitely intrigued (and maybe a bit scared) as I watched the DJ play an introduction for Keith! Party. My questions were answered as 11 (give or take) people jumped onto the stage not long after, in a burst of energy, colours and crazy outfits including fluorescent eighties gear and some hospital scrubs that were destroyed by the end of the set. The venue was dressed up to match them. Streamers, balloons, confetti and party banners scattered all over the stage, you knew that Keith! Party meant business. Dance party business. They started dancing and they did not stop until their 45-minute set was over.

The DJ was in charge of the music; he did his thing at the back of the stage, spinning tracks and beats while three microphones were shared between six or seven members who sang, rapped and made noises over the badass synth lines, glitch electronic sounds and wacky percussion of the tracks off their new album, Roof Raisers. You can’t really fathom exactly how frenetic this group of wild things are by simply listening to their music; much of their appeal lies in their performance.

Read the rest of the review here on Paper-Deer!


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