Asian Envy @ Revolver (11/1/11)

Launching their album at Revolver, electro synth-pop duo Asian Envy were backed by three other musicians: a drummer, guitarist and female back-up singer. Along with keyboardist and programmer Steve Edwards, they started their set with a short instrumental, kind of like a preview into what the rest of their set would entail. After this intro, lead singer Ross Larkin strode onto the stage with a small chair in hand. He set it down and sat on it as the band launched into Taking My Time— an ambient tune with a recurring, almost-hypnotising keyboard riff – and then stood up and made theatrical gestures with his arms during the chorus. It’s safe to say that without his out-there moves, Asian Envy’s set wouldn’t have been nearly as watchable. Edwards and Larkin’s matching outfits were also a nice touch: they were both dressed in turquoise knee-length denim shorts, suit vests over white shirts and ties, and school-boy socks.

Read the rest of the review here on Paper-Deer!


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