I’ve just completed a Bachelor of Journalism from Monash University, and have entered the scary and exciting (and sometimes dull, let’s be honest) world of freelance writing. I am a writer for hire. Anyone?

Melbourne is my home. I’d love to travel the world but I feel like I’d always return to this amazing, vibrant city.

My general interests include all things music, book, films and TV series, food (including making food/taking photos of food) and dogs. I also like being connected to the internet every waking minute. Some might say that’s obsessive but I think of it as being hyper-connected. We live in a liquid world, guys. I’m just trying to keep afloat.

Some of the articles I post on this blog have been published on/in:

I also write monthly trend reports for brand research and development company, Scout.

While I have mainly written about music so far, I love writing about anything to do with arts and culture (and probably some other stuff, too).

I am available for any kind of freelance work including articles, reports, band bios, blurbs, press releases, sub-editing and proof-reading etc.

You can contact me at stephanieb.liew[at]gmail.com

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  1. Hihi!

    Your reason for creating this blog sounds a lot like my reason for creating mine- a place to post my ‘proper writing’.

    That having been said, I like your music taste, and I love that you live in Melbourne- I’m planning on moving there next year. (:

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